775 years old Groß Oesingen
Holiday Apartment, Germany, Lower Saxony, for 2-3 Persons, near to Gifhorn,
Wolfsburg, Celle and Uelzen, not far to Brunswick, Hanover, Lueneburg and Hamburg. ........ At: D-29393 Groß Oesingen, Am Diekberg 20,
Tel.:+49(0)5838/654, Fax:+49(0)5838/645.
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GPS: N 52° 39,260'/ O 10° 27,500' 

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Johann Sebastian Bach

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written by H.Roesener / last Update: December 2022

The village Groß Oesingen (775 years old) lays directly at Route B4, 35km east of the city Celle, 20km north of the city GIFHORN
and 35km south of the city UELZEN (70km south of LÜNEBURG / 45km north of BRAUNSCHWEIG).
It's country side, no industry, no hectic. The town consists of Groß Oesingen, and the sub villages
Klein Oesingen, Zahrenholz, Mahrenholz, Wichelnförth and Texas.
Texas ?   Who knows where this name is coming from ?
At the village: gas station, post office, 2 doctors, 2 banks, 3 restaurants and camping area.
Sport, specially German soccer, handball, table tennis and tennis is very important here.
No, there are no hills or beaches, but forest, meadows and agriculture.
Time to relax, walk, cycle, soccer or play tennis, as well as doing trips to:

Groß Oesingen at the Village:
Wesendorf, 8 km:
Oerrel, 8 km:
Hankensbüttel, 15 km:
Gifhorn, 20 km:
Wittingen, 24 km:
Celle, 27 km:
Uelzen, 35 km:
Bergen, 39 km:
Wolfsburg, 41 km:
Brome, 45 km:
Braunschweig, 45 km:
Soltau, 64 km:
Lüneburg, 72 km:
Hannover, 75 km:
Schöningen, 89 km:
  Soccer, Tennis / A.E.Johann-Haus   Old Sheep Stables
  Offroadpark Südheide
  Jagdmuseum Wulff / A.E.Johann-Haus
  Otter-Zentrum / Zisterzienser-Kloster-Isenhagen
  Mühlenpark / Historisches Museum im Schloss
  Old City / Brewery
  Herzogschloss / Old City Tour / Shopping
  Hundertwasser-Railway-Station / Schloss Holdenstedt
  Cementery Bergen Belsen
  VW-Autostadt / Planetarium / VFL-Wolfsburg / phaeno
  Museum Burg Brome / Brome
  Old City / Castle / Theater / Museen / Shopping
  Heide Park
  Old City / Rathaus am Sande / Salzmuseum
  Shopping / Zoo / Int. Airport
  Paläon (Museum Schöninger Spears)

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The Apartment -- Top of Page --

The sofa (draw for sleeping) Living room with extra dining table

The apartment is part of a new build frame work house north the village of Groß Oesingen, between forest and meadows.
39 m² floor area in two levels, 8 m² sunny terrace. Living room with couch (draw for sleeping 125x200cm), build-in pantry, extra dining table, large wardrobe, color satellite TV. Bathroom with shower, WC and wash table. Stairs (safety door for kids) to the upper sleeping area with a double bed (180x200cm). Possibility for a folding bed for kids.

To the terrace and stairs to upper area Upper sleeping area
The Price -- Top of Page --

Minimum booking 2 days         EUR 72,-
Each additional night 1-2 persons EUR 36,- (weekly EUR 225,-)
Each additional night 3 persons EUR 40,- (weekly EUR 250,-)
Payable weekly in advance.
Prices includes: heating, light, etc, weekly cleaning,
weekly bed and table linen as well as towels.
WLAN included.

Arrival on Saturday 14:00 h
Departure on Sturday 10:00 h.
Request for other possibilities.
No pets.
Long term booking: 1 person, incl. heating, light, bed + table linen
towels, etc. Off-season, min. 2 month , EUR 460,-/month.
Daily & weekly cleaning by the guest.
Monthly and final cleaning by the host.
Reservation with Ute or Helmut Rösener:
telephone, writing, fax or e-mail.
Ute + Helmut Rösener
Am Diekberg 20, D-29393 Groß Oesingen,
Tel.: +49(0)5838/654, Fax: +49(0)5838/645
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Driving Guide -- Top of Page --

From the north (UELZEN) at midtown you turn very right
in to the Molkereistraße.
From the south (GIFHORN or BRAUNSCHWEIG) at midtown
you turn half left into the Molkereistraße.
In both cases you follow the street, pass the football place
and turn right into Am Diekberg.
If you enter the village from CELLE/STEINHORST, 200 meter
after the village plate you turn left into Am Diekberg.
The house No. 20 is the last on the right side (framework).

We whish you a good journey.

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City map Groß Oesingen

Geo Caching -- Top of Page -- Actual Caches nearby.

www.geocaching.com/ The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site
www.navicache.com/ alternativ to geocaching.com
GPS: N 52° 39,260'/ O 10° 27,500'
www.geocaching.de/ portal-page around geocaching
www.opencaching.de/ German geocaching-data bank
www.geoclub.de/ German Forum Page for Geo-Caching

Caches of -maps.geocaching.de-

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Bachläufer -- Top of Page --

Rick Jones "The London Bach"
did walk like Johann Sebastian Bach 300 years a go.
Rick Jones (London Bach)
1705, when J.S.Bach was 20 years old, in october he walked from
Arnstadt to Luebeck, to join the famus local organ player and
composer 'Dietrich Buxtehude'.
As this happend 300 years a go, the London music critic and
journalist Richard Jones, "The London Bach", decided to walk
this way as Bach did before, wearing old baroc clothes.
Rick Jones startet September 27th and arrived Luebeck October
9th, 2005. After a long march from Braunschweig he arrived us
on October 3th and stayed over night at our Holiday Apartment.
The exact way which J.S.Bach 300 years a go took is not so clear,
but if ever he walked via Gifhorn, Gross Oesingen and
Sprakensehl, it would have been very possible that he has
passed the position, where our house is now built.

A.E.Johann -- Top of Page --

Rememberring the book writer A.E.Johann.
Just published from the A.E.Johann-(Society) Gesellschaft e.V.
No one knew, except insiders, that afte the 2. World-War-II the
famus book writer A.E.Johann lived at the "Südheide".
1948 to 1978 at Groß Oesingen and than until he 1996 died at Oerrel.
We build our house and moved into 1996/1997, not knowing that
A.E.Johann lived and worked at that time 100 metre from our place,
accross the street. Many People at the village and neighbours
remember him verry well, the Alfred Ernst Johann Wollschlaeger.

The new established A.E.Johann-(Society) Gesellschaft e.V.
arranged with the villages Groß Oesingen and Oerrel, that signs to
and onto the houses where he lived have been mounted, as well
as street signs (A.E.Johann-Weg) have been established.
The small book right hand, only written in German, can be bought
down town or might be ordered from the home page
of A.E.Johann Gesellschaft e.V.

Link to "www.a-e-johann.de"